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  1. no one is falling for your bs
  2. no you just cant control your bigoted views and hope people will take you more seriously under a different name.
  3. well you did it so you must know, most likely because you know how hated you are and dont like it
  4. your so transparent, its almost as good as when you made that other account to send me abusive private messages, see straight through you bigot

  5. no you just darent use your other account because of all the hate youve generated on it for yourself, and homophobia is not acceptable
  6. nope because you type exactly like he does are as ignorant as he is and fail to provide evidence like he does.
  7. how convinient, you join just as dykwia abandons us and you are as disgustingly ignorant and homophobic as he is, dykwia at least have the stones to use your proper account

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