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  1. Hi Tom,

    I've applied for Game Art for 2013 entry... it's the only course I'm applying for because I'm so set on it. I'm so scared I won't get in after looking at some people's art and my interview's in a couple'a weeks! Any advice??

  2. Glad to hear my answers put your mind at ease somewhat.

    Defintely don't compare yourself to the second years! You'll find yourself massively improving on this course, and they are already way ahead on that path. While some friendly competition is healthy, in the end the only person you should only really be comparing your work to is yourself.
  3. I hope that helps a little! If you have any other questions, I'll be very happy to help! I'll be in Leicester again from the beginning of September. I don't know if you're familiar with the city, but I'd be happy to show you and anyone else who'd want to come along around campus or town or anything. (:
  4. [contined 2]
    As for the course work, definitely get started as early as you possibly can when given an assignment. The 3D work has deadlines spread out during the year and the tutor is very, very strict about the deadline and does not appreciate sloppy work! Sometimes you get people who are only half done on hand in day, which is just silly. The 2D work you can postpone as it's all supposed to be handed in at the end of term and that tutor won't bother checking you've done it until then, but I recommend pretending you've got deadlines anyway and completing your work on time, because it's really, really, really heavy catching up on all that work (speaking from experience on that).
  5. [continued]
    Once the course starts, there'll be plenty of opportunity to get to know both your classmates, and the people in the second and third years.
    The environment on the course is very friendly and I think you'll find people are quite nice and easy-going, and happy to help.

    We have a computer lab where all the years go to work. Definitely do your work there if you can. I find it's easier to concentrate and do more work here as opposed to home where there's lots of distractions, and you have people who can help you close at hand. You'll also get to know the regular lab goers pretty well, which is always a plus.

    Try to sit next to or in front of people, of any year group, instead of hiding on an empty row in the back, which people often tend to do in the beginning. Some will happily strike up a conversation, but not everyone is super talkative and often people will be wrapped up in their work, but then you have someone next to you who you can nudge and ask for help if you have problems. Everyone on the course knows especially the 3D has a steep learning curve in the beginning and may take a look at your screen every now and then, see how you're getting on and offer help if you need it, but don't count on it, so do ask for help if you struggle.

    Sometimes we go to the pub just have a few drinks and a burger or something. I really encourage coming along for those and any other happening that might arise, because you get people from all the years coming together then. People in your year will probably arrange little get-togethers just between themselves as well, at least that happened in my year and I wager it will in yours.
  6. Hi there!

    I was a bit in the same situation as you. I am quite introverted and don't go out much. I moved to Leicester from abroad so I had no friends in England at all really. It sorted itself out quite nicely and I am doing okay now.

    You'll find most everyone on the course to be of quite the geeky sort so you'll fit right in. (: Everyone will be pretty much in the same boat as you and people will be looking to get on with uni life and finding new friends.

    During fresher's week there will be a fair where all the societies at DMU will present themselves, and you'll be able to sign up for societies you find interesting. Societies are a nice way to find people with similar interests, especially if you're not of the outgoing, party-going sort. I'm not, either, so I understand your worry there. Here's a list of societies at DMU, I don't think that's all of them but it's a taste.
  7. Also I am sorry if the previous post came up multiple times, so confused by this interface!
  8. Dude are you doing game art
  9. I just booked my Viccy hall room! VH-C-9-3 which I guess means I'm in block C, flat no9, room 3.

    Here is the fb group for Victoria Halls!
  10. I got a conditional offer, so I have to wait until the 15th of May. ):

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