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  1. Hi! I'm Claire. You said you're doing an MRes at Newcastle. I just thought I'd say hi! Where are you living? And where are you from? What modules did you chose? I don't know much about the MRes you're on!! x
  2. Hi! sorry I didn't see your message before. I don't know if it's common complain, maybe it's just my windows which were crappy and old, and an old heater that took a full day to start turning on. Depending on where your flat is, you might benefit from the heat of other rooms. I couldn't tell you if it's a common complain, I was in the bit near the reception, where we didn't have a lot of connections to the bigger parts. Sorry I can't be of any help on that subject, complaining is a French thing I enjoy doing
    However, there will be things you'll probably enjoy more when being there, like the morrisons not too far away, and the fact that there are green spaces (and a free barbecue at the end of the year!)
    (We all love a bit of Renner :P )
  3. Hi! I am a european student coming to Newcastle to study film at a postgraduate level..
    I have been offered a place in Magnet Court which is managed by university but requires that rent is paid directly to the society!
    They sent me (among various documents) even a form to fill with my credit card details so that they can take the money from the card!
    I don't think it's safe to send those details per post from italy and I am wondering if other european students have had the same or similar pproblems about payment..and can give me suggestions?
    It seems like there is no other payment method .. Like online payment or Bank transfer (which I previously used to pay my programme fees)

    Thank you and sorry if I bothered you someway!

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