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  1. KCheema
    I have my chemistry and maths unit 2 exams this week. Slightly nervous but not as bad as I was in year 10. Year 11 is going great for me so far. Getting mostly A's in everything I do.
  2. KCheema
    Well done!
    For my full GCSE's I got 2 B's in my History and English Language and also a distinction* in my BTEC Business course. And then in exams that count towards my final grade for the GCSE I got: an A in biology, an A in RE, and a distinction in my first unit of Business diploma.
  3. hey i got 6 B's, 2 A's, 2 Credits and a double distinction
    what about you how did your exams go? are you excited for year 11?
  4. KCheema
    Hey! What did you get in your results?!
  5. its cool, my revision is going well only 4/9 exams left to go so whoop i only have 2 geog, maths and stats then i am done, i've been doing past papers, flash cards and posters to. im not so much worried bout geography but maths im fretting over cause it for me isnt my strongest subject and my teacher isnt much help so im revising alot for it but im still anxious. be so happy when its all over lol glad to hear that everything is going well for you, thats alot of pressure off then having only history so i suppose thats good it means your only concentrating on one thing- remember to take breaks tho
  6. KCheema
    Hi, sorry I have replied late, all that revision! My exams have been going quite well. I ffel that I have done well in my biology and religious studies exams. Just history to do in a couple of weeks now, but so far I feel I have done quite well considering my expectations. My preparation has been good also. I have done many things to prepare for it.. past papers, posters, flash cards etc. But yes, all is going good for me.

    What about you? How are you finding your revision and exams? Any worries on anything? Also, your preparation?
  7. hello just wondering how exams are going for you? and preparation?
  8. before an exam i always have a banana and water its apparently good for your brain try doing past papers to get a feel of what grade you will get and the model answers this might ease you a bit good luck though and let me know how it goes
  9. KCheema
    Lol me too! I have 5 days until my first exam which is on Biology. Not looking forward to it but i guess im quite confident at the moment... The confidence will probably fade as soon as i sit infront of the paper lol.
  10. so need a holiday after all of the studying how many days till your exam now i have 4 then the fun begins

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