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  1. Rosa Arabelle
    Ever heard of PM's?
    Yeah, use them.
  2. no longer attempts for me, I just don't sleep any more :lol:
  3. im in the same boat haha
  4. indeedy, whats up!
  5. Hi =]

    How are you? I read your post about your Dad and I want to say that I'm so sorry to hear about him. I would honestly speak to your personal tutor at University, tell your friends there what's going on so that they can support you and also look into some counselling. It's wonderful that you're supporting your family; but you need support yourself. Don't worry about your essays and university work (you can get extensions) just focus on your Dad, your family and yourself.

    My Nanna was diagnosed with Cancer just before I went to University and died a few days after I started; she had raised me from being a baby, was more of a mum to me than my own mum... and it hit me really hard.

    I blocked it out and just got on with things; for me it was the right thing to do at the time; but looking back I really needed that support. I was a complete mess and it wasn't until later that it really hit me. Honestly, I know that you're Dad hasn't died but you really should talk to a tutor about this or ask a friend to have a word. I hope your dad will be okay.

    Take care of yourself <3
  6. Rosa Arabelle
    No, I've decided not to tell her, she'd go mad.Thank you, Vi x.
  7. Rosa Arabelle
    I don't know if I should just..give up altogether? Take a break; it's genuinely getting me down.
  8. Rosa Arabelle
    Cbf sending you any more PM's. I'm done. I just want to go home, where I can snuggle under my own bed, holding my own cat, and watching a good ol' episode of Friends.
  9. It's a joke.
  10. Rosa Arabelle
    Ardderchog would be a better term to use!
    Haha, yes, you did

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