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  1. Not only right, but he leaves you fully satisfied.

    I guess my family is "old school" and is bankrolled by "old money". These "new money" people are just so ghastly.

    Probably why my parents decided to send me to state school to give me a "normal upbringing". I'll probably bribe my oxbridge applications admitter or whoever is in cahrge of applications.

    I'll gladly oblige. Name a time and place and I'll be there 5 hours before.
  2. You should be in a Laboratory with Scientists examining your ever orifice.

    A couple of mil every year, no biggie...

    You've been stalking me. How else would you know that I was born in the UK?

    Why would you need me when you can DIY?
  3. I second that opinion. Though I blame you, you seductive devil.

    That news report was an extreme case of BDSM gone wrong. I hope you won't try to do that to me, stalker.

    You made me splutter my tea. My imagination knows no bounds. I can just imagine your penis inside your vagina, though that is a bit difficult for me. Want to lend me a helping hand?

    "I talk like an Arab" - Hark at you. And pray, how exactly would you know how Arabs "talk"?

    Apparently, it was not my parent's decision, it was actually my great-great-great grandfather's decision in the 1870's. Can't complain about free money, can I now?

    Wow! Can you make yourself pregnant? That is fantastic! When did you start "experimenting"?
  4. No thank you. I tremble whenever I imagine stroking my cat and in my imagination, a massive penis comes in and smacks me in the face.

    A hermaphroditic, we haven't had one of them in a very long time . It's overdue to make an appearance. Curious, can you "insert" your penis inside your vagina if you have both?

    But my trust fund doesn't kick in until I'm 25 years old. That's quite a long way to go.
  5. Ooooooh 2nd year? You been building bridges or railway tracks yet?
    My parents are loaded. Country pile up in Hertfordshire as well as apartments in the West End where I'm currently at.

    Ha ha ha. Your "penis" is not and will never live up to expectations because the sad fact is, you've got nothing there. Sorry to burst your little bubble. :bubbles::diep:

    It's fun and comfortable because you do not share it with anyone. * lonely penis has no companion*. What a shame.
  6. Well one wouldn't expect a 10 inch vagina "hanging down" like a penis would you?
    But it seems that you are the exception. Tell me: Does it ever get uncomfortable?

    And I see from your penis comment that you have had experience in the bedroom department or maybe you just watch a lot of porn.

    1st year Engineering? Big subject for an "ANIGAV" I'd say. Sadly, I was not in the fortunate position to receive EMA. Oh well, I'll just wait until my Trust Fund kicks in when I'm 25
  7. *low whisper* are you really a vagina? Never ever met one of them in my life.
    Penis is not dirty and it is larger than that. More like this ------------------------------> (oh look, I ran out of space )

    A Levels are tough. One word of advice young kiddo, never ever do A Levels. Scrounge on benefits. Much better lifestyle. :cool:
  8. OMG! I just googled you and I was shocked to say the least. You dirty dirty dirty man.

    Studying's long. I'll probably pull in a few all nighters to make up for my procrastinating today. Better go and load up on caffeine.
  9. Google has said I don't have twitter, just some random pornish looking fetishes and girly games.
  10. Yeah. Hamster No. 2 has gone.*RIP*. All hail Hamster No. 3

    Religious? Um, *Deletes porn History", yeah, pretty much religious, I'd say.

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