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  1. Lucky you...
    I've got one more to do!! :-(
  2. I didnt report you
  3. Thanks, I hope so...

    Anymore exam left?!
  4. thanks, thats mainly why i do so

    but i don't want to be ashamed of my FULL name, so i just like to mention it
    here and there
  5. Ha!

    Thats uncalled for, you should here my cousins, it just goes on forever.

    After a house party, I was 're-named' to Sean after a prank (long-story).
    But yeah, Lionel Edward Michael Thorne is just how it goes. Its a nightmare
    having to write that on every form you sign, and on your exam papers!
  6. umm, I do not really understand what you are on about on that random
    visitor message?
  7. cant babe gotta pick up amanda from lucys house!
  8. Really megan? 1D of all people? Hey i thought you only had eyes for me ;-)
  9. Ahahahaha you made an account to stalk Ashley? Im getting worried about you megan , i mean this stalking me and Ashley is getting scary! first facebook, then twitter,myspace,instagram and now this! Lol im joking , up for tomorrow you saucy minx?
  10. Oooh you little nerd what made you decide to join tsr?

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  • About Megantheminx

    megan stewart
    Where I study
    hopefully cambridge
    hopefully aerospace engineer
    About me
    Im pretty crazy so BLAH ;-)
    I live for Ashley aka Dr.Ash and Lucy aka Crazy cupcakes and Kate when you make an account let me know and i'll confess my dying love for you aswell.
    Studying for A levels
    applied to study at cambridge and accepted offer!

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