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  1. Hey Cheng,
    I'm Back, I hope you are well but I'm really sorry for my late reply. I have sent you email on your Gmail account but it seems to me that it wasn't your primary email id , I have sent two email to you but you didn't reply.
    I hope you'll check that email.
    Tell me about everything, how are you doing?
  2. Hey Cheng, Believe me or not, I'm expecting such behavior from Oxonian's as you're showing to me. I've met some of Oxonian's but they're not like you. Thanks!! This is not adulation. This is true.
    Actually I'm afraid of email. I'm sure my idea will be unique caz I've noticed that Pharmacist are not like me , they just think them as Pharmacist but I like to consider myself as a Health professional.
    If I want to do my research on an idea of using Tablet (Smartphone) and internet to understand the drug-medicine market including sales, prescriptions of the doctors, patient's query about drugs, diseases query on the internet after prescriptions made and finally patients psychological and social impact due to the internet then how should I write to them, email is just a few lines message if I write a paragraph in details they will probably won't read it.

    I know to get into Oxford I've to show my unique talent, so there is no way I'll copy your research. If it is possible give me some initial idea of email , that is really important for me. Here is my email:

    What do you mean by "Timeline"? Is it luck of time you wanted to mean?
    It's not me who only think that my GPA is not so good, there're may friends who believe that this is not for Oxford,do you think it is not?
    Thank you, thank youuuuuu, thank youuuuuuuuuu
  3. Hey Cheng, Thank you for your valuable suggestions, in my country there're very few of Oxonian, even sometimes they're not so friendly/helpful as you are.
    I understand you. But remember I wasn't so interested in Pharmacy, that's why my GPA is not so good,only 3.30.
    I know much about personal statement and it should be as unique as possible. But my friend, in my country due to lack of funding as a developing country there is no undergraduate thesis or research. So, I'm a bit confused about research proposal. I mean, I need to know some pictures of offer winning research proposal. Can you do me a favor for this? For this act of your kindness I'll remain grateful to you.
    I've a question for you regarding potential supervisor search. Normally email should be as short as possible. And there're so many supervisor in a department/institute. So, do I need to email them individually with a long email mentioning my research idea?
    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hello Cheng, I beg your pardon if it sounds a negative word to you. Actually I didn't mean that to you, after all I'm ESL Learner. What I meant is you're really so helpful.

    Thank you for make me feel welcome. I can see, you're quite a social media fan, using LinkedIn, twitter, blog you name it.

    I know, Singapore, Philippines and even India are biggest fan of BB. Thanks!for your appreciation for BB project with health or Pharmaceutical but I need a formal education to get recognized nationally or internationally, don't you think? Now I'm only a pharmacist ,even I don't want to be!!! What should I do now? Do you have any suggestion for me to get Oxford? Any any anyyyy!!!!
    Wowww, that's sounds great, so you and me are going through the same path. You're graduating from sociology, that's kool. You know what, internet is a part of social science, even the work I've done in the Pharmaceutical field using internet with BB also a part of social science/ sociology. I wish we could work together.

    You're really a person like me, I like you. Keep thinking about ICTs and off course internet. Though I'm not a specialist for migration but I know much about environment, I've work with British Council Bangladesh, I'm SAYEM (South Asian Youth Environmental Meet) Champ, Selected as Environmental ambassador by Ministry of Health and Family welfare Bangladesh. If somehow I got a chance to get a formal education like you (You're really lucky) then I've intention to work in the field of environment and e-governance with ICTs. Pray for me.....keep me in your pray.
    I've checked your blog, even I've intention to do so but first of all I need to clean up all of my mess then I'll follow your work too. Don't worry , from today I'm also a follower of your blog.

    Hey, please don't forget to give me some valuable suggestions of you. You're my senior, you're Asian, your idea are just like mine. It'll be very helpful for me when I'll get some words from you.

  5. Hello Cheng,

    Like mummyvee, I'd like to thank you for your feedback of my post. You're like an anomaly to me, seems different than others. This is not too much,this is what you're!!!

    I've also been following OII and fellows at Twitter for long time. Even I've searched you at Mark Grahams profile but may be you've got a different username there. But if you don't mind you can supply me your ID, so that I can follow you in Twitter.

    Let me share something with you, early this year I've worked with Blackberry, a renowned smartphone maker. In this project I've submitted an idea of using Tablet (Smartphone) and internet to understand the drug-medicine market including sales, prescriptions of the doctors, patient's query about drugs, diseases query on the internet after prescriptions made and finally patients psychological and social impact due to the internet. They've awarded me 10 Blackberry Smartphone and Tablet too. But due to recent plunge of their share they've cancelled further donation. Here you'll find some information about their project:

    But I'd like to continue my study in these fields. I want to develop my career with the persons who think like me.

    What about you? I don't know much about you. What is your discipline? Hope to hear from you.

  6. rise17
    NO worries, you're most welcomed. Young people and education spaces is something I am interested in as well.
  7. Hello Cheng,

    I would just like to thank you for your detailed response to my post. I have been panicking so much and I really appreciate you taking the time to help me define a topic.

    Thank you once again and hope to speak soon,


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