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  1. Hey

    I know how you feel. Hope you are doing ok?

    I tried so hard to accept cultural and religious customs of my parents, but I couldn't do it anymore because the customs made me feel so unhappy and out of place I couldn't be myself, and I was always treated as though I was less than a human being even though I tried so hard to be a good person (long story.)
    I feel as though traditional and backwards cultures are just very damaging, oppressive and don't do any good to people, families and communities.

    Being born and raised in the West has definitely its advantages and disadvantages, but at least I can be myself. I feel happier being part of a Western culture, I could never fit into a traditional one because it doesn't fit in with my own life philosophies.
  2. hello,
    I have read that you always wear a slip under your skirt ; is it true ? which style of slip do you like ?
  3. Why oh why oh why... :sad:
  4. your a liverpool fan :five:
  5. :hmmm:
  6. I know what you did
  7. Bored as ****
  8. RAWR! I'm bored and failing life! :mmm:
  9. Have a good birthday slagmataz?

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