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  1. Hi, you said in a post that you were studying in Bratislava , Comenius Uni as a med student and I wanted to know how your experiences were, as I am applying to study there this year.
    It would help me out so much if you could reply ! Thanks so much !
  2. hello, I don't know why I did not think to ask you earlier. But I completed the Imat and had a good ranking. When they added bonus points I went down by 100 places, however, I went to an English speaking school and studied maths and languages getting A's and a*'s. Cineca said there was nothing they could do about it. But I was wondering whether you had any ideas. I applied to Milan as my first and pavia as my second. Surely they would prefer a candidate that is actually higher? I have all documentation for proof as well.

    thanks in advance and sorry for the essay
  3. hey shinwave, i did the imat yeterday and it went alright, i was just wondering what do you think will be a high enough score to get a place at the uni. i read that you got 47.5? and was just wondering if you were at the top end of the rankings or lower :P thanks alot and i appreciate it in advance!
  4. hello Shinwave. my name is chukwuemeka but you could just call me Oscar. I want to thank you for the very informative and helpful post you placed to help prospective students get into the university of Milan medical school. I need a little help. I am in a medical school here in Nigeria but I want to apply to Milan in 2013. I have my GCSE but I don't have A levels do I have to take it or can I take any other exam like Toefl or SAT. will they accept it. If no how do I go about writing the A levels and getting my result for posting before it gets too late. Please help me with your reply. Thanks
  5. Hi Shinwave!
    Great to see a British student studying in the University of Milan. I am from London but am half Italian myself, and am considering going to Milan to do a degree in Economics. My main concern is the employability of an Italian graduate in the UK. Medicine is obviously different to economics, but do you know any British people at your university who are hoping to return to the UK after graduation?
    Many thanks!
  6. and can you please give me your email ?
  7. hi shinwave ;
    im interested in going to your university , i just finished my BS in biology which is considered as pre-med in my university i would like to ask you if i have to start all over again from the first year at milan or do they transfer some of my course so that i dont repeat them ? and another thing do i have to take the Imat since im done with my Bachelors degree ?
  8. The page is a wiki page created by us at TSR with information given by Cambridge Assessment.
  9. Hi there,

    Unfortunately I do not, you will need to click on the links on the page and find out information about the tests that way. Sorry I can't be of more help!
  10. Hi there Shin Kim,

    It's nice to hear from you - your school in Milan looks great and with the programmes being taught in English it certainly looks interesting. Are you a British student or did you come over to the UK to study and then pop over to Italy?

    It would be great to do a Q and A with you about your decision making process and how you came to study in Milan. What's your email and I'll pop it over to you.

    Thanks - Jem

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