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  1. Hey
    I have firmed psychology at Lancaster too, how you feeling about results?
  2. Hi, Any predictions for PSYA4 exam?
  3. Okay Thanks x
  4. hey what is sex of rearing u've written it in your essay and ive got no clue what it means in the context of :
    "They argued that it is sex of rearing that is the pivotal point of gender development. "
    what does it mean??
  5. Hello im doing psychology unit3 and really need help on writing essays as im not very good, could i have your example essays please and could you just tell me basics of anwsering psychology essays? I would say my weak point is my ability to elaborate
  6. Bjcross
    it was on machines, like, do they dominate our life or not x
  7. Haha. You remember what the question was on the science and tech one? my exam is in two days
  8. Bjcross
    immigration, but i just avoided the whole multicultural topic! ummm i dunno like greenpeace etc x
  9. and what do you mean by pressure groups?
  10. OK thanks. So what ones came up for you, other than the science and tech one?

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