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  1. Can you give us some 'broad' points they may interrogate us about
  2. Not really, I just think you come across as incredibly ignorant when the best response you have to a post is " I am too busy to reply but I know more than you and you are wrong"
  3. So you deny its a dictatorship that constantly oppresses its people and abuses human rights? You deny it constantly censors the media and internet? Seems more like you know very little of China. Oh and if your just going to go its something you have to leanr about yourself don't bother posting at all. Just looks like you have no clue what your talking about.
  4. Instead of negging my posts, it would be nice if for once you would actually offer a counter argument. I don't care about the neg I just want to know what you think is wrong with them, especially the China post.
  5. :rolleyes:
  6. Got any plans for after uni?

    Thinking of doing something along the lines of chemistry again. Would really like to do a PhD as I'm comfortable doing research but dire at sitting exams.
  7. I genuinely think they expected us, a science campus, to read it and go "Dear god! When did this sort of thing happen?!".

    I'm not bad, thanks. Finished uni so looking for stuff to do post-degree. How's med school going/gone? Considering doing a post grad at St. Andrews, how well connected are you? :awesome:
  8. I liked the pro-test link. Reminded me of some people who came to protest outside our campus and gave me a leafet of why to stop animal testing. One of them was that aspirin was toxic to cats as if forcefeeding painkillers to cats was a regular past time.

    Hope you're well, been a while.
  9. xxxxxxxx :fan:
  10. Cannot believe you got warned, such a piss take

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