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  1. No Future
  2. Indeed, im annoyed at myself for falling for his baiting, it is actually a bit worrying that someone will go to that length to wind another person up
  3. Thank you very much, he was being totally vile
  4. H.K. for a week, staying in the Royal Plaza in Mongkok. Can't wait.
    I would like to stay in Stockholm for a while longer though, i love it so
    much here, parties are great and the people are so chilled out... i actually
    feel like an adopted Swede lol. Looking at getting some promo work here (since
    i'm here every summer anyway) like back home but its not as exciting because
    well its Sweden and they don't really have many noteworthy celebrities (yes, stealth
    brag lol).

    You'll also have to check out the absolut icebar, its very neat.

    ****, this just looks like an essay lol.
  5. I'm in Stockholm with some Swedish mates from uni. Going to H.K. on Wednesday.

    Finished my exams and got a 2.2 for first year, kinda disappointed, will actually have to work next year lol.

    How's home?
  6. I'm bored. How's life? I like you.
  7. Something to do with encouraging consumerism and having a surplus of 71.3 billion!!
    I'm a citizen but I live in the UK and I doubt it applies to expats otherwise the millions of Chinese adults all over the world will be eligible, which just sounds quite unrealistic.

    Still 6000hkd!! I could have bought a decent laptop
  8. Did you hear that citizens get 6000hkd spending money? I'm trying to claim but I doubt it will work!
  9. I wanna go back so bad!

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