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  1. Hi,

    I found your post about the linnen pack that Linacre offers. I will be at Linacre come September. Can I ask what you did about linnen? Did you go for the college offer or the four-season one? What would you recommend from your experience?

  2. Hi Latis,

    out of interest, did you applly for both the MPhil and PhD at Cambridge seperately for Nanotechnology or did you get the MPhil offer with the PhD?? I would very much like to apply to the PhD or the MPhil but am not yet sure which. What are your opinions of the two?

    Thanks in advance!
  3. Latis

    Oh, that´s a long story but I will try to explain it to you. I did not apply to Oxford in first instance. At first I applied to UCL and Imperial and fortunately I managed to get funded offers from both but I felt like I should have applied to my preferred University and group in Cambridge for a PhD as well. I was really nervous because my application to Cambridge was awfully late in the year (April) but I had a great skype interview with my proposed supervisor and got the offer. However, most deadlines for funding had already passed to that time and I ´only´ got a fees-only stipend at Cambridge. I was really sad because I am not able to afford 3-4 years of living in Cambridge on my own and already started to feel ok about the position at UCL because it was a very thrilling project as well... even better than the one at Imperial. Then 4 weeks ago I read about a competitive studentship-opening at Oxford, which although in a completely different field, kind of appealed to me. Unfortunately, the deadline for applications had already passed for some time and thus, I wrote to the supervisor and asked him what he thinks about my background and whether I would fit the requirements of the project. He then told me that the deadline might be a problem with the department because it was already over but nonetheless he encouraged me to try to apply anyway. He convinced the department to allow my late application and we had an interview for the stipend and position. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed our talk. The same day I got an email saying that I got the stipened/offer... Totally unexpected but I was sooo happy. I still can´t believe how things turned out in the end...

    Btw nice field of research sounds quite interesting. I guess you´re also looking forward to starting your work in your new group. Have you been sure that you want to do your PhD in Oxford from the beginning on ?

  4. Hello Latis. Thought I will message you here instead of hijacking the forum for a conversation. I'm beginning my DPhil in Geography & the Environment.

    How come you have only just got to know about your placement at such late notice?

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