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  1. Yeah because of the username. And I hate brutal dictators too don't worry. I might change it to a cute puppy soon.
  2. Don't get me wrong, and you may think I'm a bad person for this, it does sort of make me happy when I get angry messages/replies in threads about it because there's slightly more important things to worry about in the world now in my opinion than what other people's avatars are. But that isn't why it's there.
  3. Trust me it's the least offensive picture of Gadaffi that I could find but there is actually a reason for it. You'll be aware that his nickname was "The Mad Dog" since he was branded with it by Reagan, I couldn't think of anything other than that. Later on when explaining it in the Rate the Username Above thread someone suggested I get a picture to go with it, so I did. And I can't really be bothered enough to change it.
  4. Hello Maryam,

    I don't think we have spoken before but I have a few questions about medicine and I was wondering if you could help me

    What tips do you have for Highers? You have amazing grades (well done by the way!) and are doing the same subjects as me.
    UKCAT? How? What resouces are good and how much prep did you do?
    What kind of extra-curriculars, voluntary work and work experience do you have?
    How did you prepare for interviews?
    Are there any good books, documentaries or websites which are good?

    Sorry for all the questions, I though you would be able to help and I seriously would appreciate any I can get. I'm such a nervous wreck about this.
    Well done on your unconditional to Dundee, it's amazing how you got an offer already. It would have been the best Christmas present ever! I'm sure you will do very well and university and beyond
    Many thanks,
    -Neuro- (although my name is Aparna...)
  5. hey , its all good and yeh ive sent off my application to my referee so its jsut a waiting game now. Hopefully we both get what we want, love to here from you if you get any offeres/interviews
  6. I am due to sit the UKCAT this Thursday. Need to do much more work though. Have slacked all week. <_<
  7. yeh im clueless, because i woudlve needed acces to your email details to change it, im sorry anway. i didnt do too great on my ukcat. 607.5
    but applying to non ukcat unis so all should be good
  8. hi. i havent changed it, i cant change it because its registered on your email, HONEST !!. i wouldnt do that to you i promise !.
  9. same here, maryam!, referring to uni app
  10. Hey, I saw your post in the UKCAT thread. Thanks for the advice. I just wanted to ask what resources you personally used to revise for the exam?

    I'm doing dreadful on abstract reasoning. can't seem to get any patterns :\

    verbal reasoning and decision analysis seems too easy on medify. however, i am having trouble with english to code translations - take too much time.

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