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  1. UCL. And being scottish isn't boring, you've got bagpipes and kilts! :lol:
  2. Oh. You're lucky then, because this is going to be my 2nd week back. What Uni do you go to?

    Even though I'm spanish I come from London so yeah, a southerner born and bred!
  3. Fine although feeling slightly guilty because I haven't done a single piece of work all weekend :lol:. Yourself?
  4. Cheers for the friend request
  5. I don't know, may its the angle or just this pose that makes you look specifically like a Vietnamese girl.
  6. Was it a joke ? If not, you look very Asian from your avatar.
  7. Are you Asian ?
  8. Don't suppose you could help me with a quick quiery? why are the overlookers of the Relationship forum devoid of a sense of humor and take things way too seriously? Surely the ability to be neutral and appreciate a laugh should be a prerequisite
  9. Oh! Well since the first year is general I assumed that you did a 'major' like in the US It's basically the equivalent of saying 'concentration' - whatever your main subject is.
    I live in Wales :yep:
  10. Literally - It's so cold up there
    :lolwut: That must have been funny! (not the teacher situation but seeing somebody post about it) :lol:

    Nice! What are you hoping to major in, if that's what you call it in scotland)

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