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  1. lucky!
  2. are u doing unseen?
  3. member963009
  4. they were OK. I was doing well in the modules before for Biology so I should be okay
  5. yep, did bio! But edexcel gcse rather than igcse
  6. So did I! I waffled the entire booklet too! Yep, an A would be fine (if I get that!) but it's just depressing! Anyway, I have 3 exams today so better get revising! Good luck for your future exams and I am sure you did well!
  7. Well between you and me...I actually did (and I am a rugby playing guy ). It's only because everyone: school, parents, other relations, friends just think I am gonna get 11A*s only because I have tried hard and done well in the past, and because I always come out of exams thinking I failed only to find I did well. But this time I have this different feeling. I know I have done badly, but because the teaching was so abhorrent, I have got this weird blank feeling..and that's what disturbs me! I did okay for 2 questions out of the 3 (gatsby I did the daisy one, found quite hard, quotes probably weren't explained well enough...For Caesar I banged on about Brutus exclusively and showed good contextual knowledge and quoted a critic etc, but it just didnt read well and wasnt tethered well enough to the question..And then the poetry (which I decided to do last) I did the passage based question (no option) and just had no idea what I was doing.. I wrote 3 pages of absolute bull***, came to no conclusions and ultimately never really answered the question in the way I should have. I just feel REALLY bad. But at the same time, nobody will listen because they think Im just like that with all exams, but this time it's different.... :'(
  8. I feel like crying..pathetic I know but justified..
  9. Yeah, that's all one can do at the end of the day...
  10. Thanks! No it's paper 3 for me tomorrow, I am guessing you did coursework, no worries!

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    I want to go on and read medicine at Cambridge having done the following A-levels:
    Chemisty, Biology, Maths, Further Maths and Physics
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    I have already done my Maths iGCSE and already got an A*
    I am doing the following GCSES and I am predicted an A* in all of them:
    -English Literature
    -English Language

    I am doing a Free Standing Maths Qualification, in which I am predicted an A (highest grade attainable)

    Alongside my GCSEs I am also doing an ICT AS, in which I am always predicted an A
    I volunteer at a care home, I am part of the Ambulance Cadets aswell as being an avid rower!

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