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  1. Haha, i saw your post on the Philosophy exam thread and thought that it had to be you :P
  2. S'up Dom :P
  3. Hi sorry for the late reply: you said, on your reply to me, that the oxbridge seminar told you
    how to deal with 3 types of questions? What questions are they talking about? How do you answer them? Did they crop up in your interview?

    Thanks (again!)
  4. Hello, here is the facebook group for Trinity freshers 2013 if you haven't joined already
  5. Faland
    Sure, I'll do so straightaway. :yy:

    Edit: There seems to be a problem with the usergroup controls at the moment. I'll try again later, or ask an admin to remove you.
  6. DomPugh
    Like I said, I went about their questions (Only two were non - text based), by taking a moment to collect my thoughts and then expressing my viewpoint progressively (by showing them how I reached that point of view). Also, make sure your personal viewpoints come across well as I got asked about Prisoner's votes which gave me a chance to show that I have actually thought about the issue and come to an educated conclusion on the matter.

    Hope this helps (and makes sense!). If you have any other questions feel free to message me )

  7. DomPugh
    Hi there,

    Thank You.
    The interview was actually very enjoyable, the two professors were very relaxed and made me feel at ease immediately by making a joke about my northern roots! The main bulk (20mins) of the interview was answering questions on a text that I was given 45mins before the interview. This was about Alliance (The Political Party) and involved a legal dispute between the party and "the broadcasters" (BBC,ITV and C4) regarding freedom of expression.
    To be honest I went about the interview by taking time to think (don't worry, they like this!) and making sure my personal viewpoints came across clear and strong but were not ignorant.
    In terms of the test, I went to a Seminar Day in London ran by Oxbridge Applications ( which was useful in the sense that it told you what to expect and how to go about answering the three possible types of questions. It seems pricey but if you get it through your Sixth Form you get a 50% discount!
    The test was hard but, then again, it is Cambridge. The type of question you get depends on the college you apply to so, for example, at Trinity I didn't get a choice. Do you know which colleges your thinking of applying to? The best way to prepare for the test, I feel, is to make sure you read a good newspaper such as The Guardian (also has a good on-line Legal Section and by making sure you are up to date with all your A - Level work.
    As a general tip, I would make sure you get really high UMS at AS because, as I am sure your aware, Cambridge regard this highly. Also you could read "What About Law?" ( as it is the book Cambridge recommends applicants read and gives you a good idea of what Law is like as an academic discipline.
  8. Hi Congratulations on the Cambridge offer! Im a L6th student- could I ask a few questions regarding the application?
    What was the interiew like? How did you go about it? How the Cambridge Law Test? What tips would you give me? Lastly, how did you approach the questions they threw at you?

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