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  1. Email wont let me send this! (think email and computer are at war currently) but this is my flickr page Warning, its mostly photography work but has a bit of a selection seriously why arnt links working! Go on flickr and search 'Watts Becky?' ....hopefully youll find it, sorry that's a faff!
  2. Thankyou! Yeah i plan to go there, just waiting for it to come up on my track... Aha unconditional just because i already have my A Level grades! Yeah i can show you some stuff... add me on facebook (if you have it, much easier to chat )
    Dont be nervous about the interview! its pretty much an informal chat about your work etc, embrace it and its great fun x
  3. Hey! Yeah had it on Saturday, got an unconditional to start in September! Super exciting Have you also applied?
  4. Cornwall! Haha aagggees away. Where are you from? Ah yeah might aswell make the most out of your free education while you can.
    Omg you are so good!!! Like seriously in love with Naruto!!!!
  5. Hiya! Yeah I know what you mean, I haven't done a FD but I feel like if I put the effort in and get support of tutors I will be able to do it, its a good course so I really hope they do support us! I'm so excited to move away and study illustration ahh! what made you choose Lincoln btw? Yeah I have a flickr with a few things, do you have anything? xx
  6. Well, I've sent my ucas to my referee but they havent sent it yet!! My portfolio is so tedious I'm just reprinting everything and havent mounted anything! lol hows yours? Do you have life drawings? happy holidays!
  7. I've also applied to Norwich, Camberwell, Middlesex and Brighton, is Lincoln your first choice?
  8. Hey seen you were applying to Lincoln uni to study illustration, me to! where else have you applied to?

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