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  1. Well done on your results bud! Nice to see the work has paid off and that you did better than you expected.
  2. my mom insists i go to bed so im well rested lol..but i turned on my pc and im sitting here just twiddling my thumbs lmao
  3. i cant sleep my flashlight out and started reading..could not concentrate and here I am
  4. lets hope for the best for the both of us I guess...atm we both need to just keep cam and take it as it comes. I'm getting dead paranoid...and im praying to god alot...these next hours are gonna destroy me
  5. Sorry for the really late response..once my exams were done I just pretended they never happened..god im so anxious atm...i cant do anything right ><

    I looked at the Higher chem answers and did not recognize anything xD...the rest of my exams...lets see...god i need atleast Bs and As or im fcked xD
  6. sorry about response...was crying over chemistry
  7. Happy Birthday!!!
  8. I've never written a message ... **** :L
  9. Sorry! I'm still not quite used to working this! Erm, for setting I'm just using my same tp quotes (“...with one hand, cut the throat savagely with the other.’, “flung himself upon the deer, clasped it round the neck and tried to comfort it.”, “For years his life had been stunted, misshapen, obscene, and hideous; and this misbegotten creature was its personification.”, “His going therefore must be a destruction, an agony, a crucifixion.” And I'm just going to talk about the microcosmic setting, Durors comparison to hitler etc . We've not covered message in English so I don't think I'd choose a question on that, but I'm also doing the text for Higher Drama, and we decided that ultimately the message is something really cheesy about truth like: " No matter the consequences, striving for the truth is always the better path in life " .. That was just off the top of my head but I know It's pretty similar to what we've been given. Hope this helps What's your big quote?
  10. aw that sucks haha! there are 3 in mine :L!

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    Intermediate 2 Geography - A
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