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  1. rudeboyy talk on here
  2. Wasgwaaaannin ikkle yuthh RIP kant
  3. It's Empyrean.
  4. Not tooday, I still have a week left. .

    How about you?
  5. I'm fine thanks, just been busy as I've been ostracized from TSR for no cogent reason.
  6. To be pleonastic; one is beholden. :ahee:
  7. Jazakallah.
  8. Wow, your penchant and sort of demeanour makes you seem as a Varsity person ;p.

    Ensure that you can do A* Algebra for GCSE. I'd advise you to have both a GCSE Maths textbook and a C1 Textbook or (Additional Maths OCR). The Additional maths is a sub-C1 form, (it encompasses the breadth of C1, but not to the same depth; it's approximately 85-90% of C1). You'll be fine as long as you learn the fundamental tenets and the basis of Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus: you can't have too many lapses.
  9. That's fine. In all honesty, the only reason why I've learned such quaint lexis, is you're edified and taught in such a manner to "be the best". Why have the English Language so profound, if words are to be disregarded. I postulate word-discrimination should be a felonious act ^^. I'm fine with the negs, but if someone else had issues and was overtly condemned as being, I don't know, almost Judas for posting a thread: the results could be different.

    If it's not officious of me, (see what I did there ;P), do you study at University?
  10. The comity and seraphic nature of Feynman. At least no-one deplored him for his accent. .-.

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