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  1. Thanks man, means a lot
  2. But trolling is easy, you should have no problem stacking up the reds! Any schmuck can fire off a couple of mindlessly offensive comments in every thread they come across.

    Getting red gems... It's not a challenge. Don't feel a sense of accomplishment because you pissed off a few denizens of the web. As you cackle at the butthurt generated by your genius posts, the person on the other end of the intertubes just thinks "huh what a retard" while neg-repping you. They're not tearing out their hair and sobbing profusely at the screen.

    I have little respect for the poor-quality trolls like you. I have no respect for you in particular, as you seem to be finding it so difficult. I have slightly more respect for the trolls who identify the hivemind consensus in a community and consistently go against it in a more intelligent manner than 'haha men bigger brain then grls amirite guise hahLOL'
  3. Tsk tsk tsk, 62 posts and no red gems yet. And all your posts seem to be ignored! Troll harder, buddy!

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