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  1. Hey, hows your officer training going? I'm hoping to apply in Feb 2014 and I've been doing the fitness stuff for a while, what were the 2.4km times people got in your selection, the best and the average? Mines around 9 minutes currently, hopefully I'll get it down to about 8:30. Thanks
  2. Hey mate

    Just wondering when you went through OASC if during the fitness test you were stopped at the pass mark or you continued to failure?

  3. Hey, cheers for getting back to me.

    Got part 1 a week on monday. Done a fair bit of SDT and working through an aptitude book with all sorts in it. I'm not hugely worried about it. As you said, just keep calm and hope you meet the required score!

    I'll do my best to relax and enjoy Part 2 rather than be Mr Military!

    Good luck at IOT!
  4. Hey, no worries i'm pretty bad at checking too!
    Congrats on getting through. Any advice/tips/gen with hindsight?
    You received any dates about Final Interview/PRTC/Training?

    I've got OASC Part 1 on the 4th of March. So hopefully OASC Part 2 in April!
  5. Hey, how did OASC go?
  6. Hi there.

    After doing a bit of paranoid Internet searches I came across your question, seems we are in the same situation!

    After visiting the careers office the day after I revived an application and sent it on Wednesday.

    The guy in the office said it could take up to two weeks to hear back, the woman on the phone said it could take five weeks, before I filled the application online it said I would be contacted within 10 days then after I'd submitted it it said someone will contact me within 5 days!

    I was so confused! I'm guessing that it's going to take 5 days to 5 weeks!

    Have you heard anything about your application yet?

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