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  1. They're racoons? I thought they were chipmunks :lol:

    I love the pandas face, it's like 'what am I supposed to do with this'
  2. Tis possibly the cutest spoiler i've ever seen on TSR (actually the cutest, I can't choose my favourite picture!)
  3. tc link coming via PM shortly >_>
  4. well your not that type of ned your ned flanders

    and by the way i was a northerner 3 years ago
  5. Thanks for the notice I appreciate it :cool:
  6. ahh lol ok
  7. Init bruh >_<

    The other day, the scrap iron men kept circling my neighbourhood >_> They woke me up with their stupid noise at a ridiculous time in the morning >_< It felt like I was living in Northern Ireland in the 60s :beard:

  8. Why? Just why?!
  9. Might be a little late blad. Like 1 hour late, lol. But iI'll definetely be there >_>

    Not a true pikeh €_€
  10. Lmfao. Seen breh, see ya then pikeh >_>
    out of interest, do you actually reside in Ireland? :beard:

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