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  1. *Target identified, it is THE DOCTOR...
  2. People assume that being on the student room is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.
  3. LOOL aah i see :')
    I'm guessing you're a Dalek?
  4. Well it's trueee! :')
    **** like that its pisses me off!
  5. Yeeaah i like that reason.
    They is jelly of moi. :') (jokee)
  6. You rated me 3 ;O
    + yeah everyone neggs everything i post on this ****.
    I have no idea why :')
    Maybe its the pout?
  7. D: hurt my feelingss
  8. I was wondering, what's your deal?

    If you know what I mean. :hubba:

    Not even sure this is appropriate but :dontknow:
  9. As bad? Why thank you? o.O aha
    nah uh, i invented the pout my friend :')
    My pout is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than hers

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    Where I study
    Geographically, in my bedroom. Ah the delights of a gap year.
    Troll? I kid, I speak the truth, mostly
    Yes, I like geometry, but really, I'm gay
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    About me
    Perhaps this is superfluous, because it's evident you can at least guess things about me by details I have listed already.

    Some people have said I'm arrogant and condescending. But that's only because I'm cleverer than everybody else.

    But if you want to know more, then just ask. Especially ask if you have a maths question.
    Academic Info
    GCSE: 8A* 1A

    A level: A* (Maths), A* (Further Maths), A (Physics), B (French), D (General Studies lolololol)

    Clearly in my general studies and french exams, I showed a level of skill that the marker could not comprehend. Those exams were not for the grade, but for the academics in 100 years time.
    Doctor Who (Defence of matt smith in particular)
    Mathematics (say a bad word against maths and I will troll you for life)

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