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  1. You should be proud. Embrace this part of yourself :rofl:
  2. haha

    one does not simply login and log out of tsr

    I never loose mate:smug:

    omg that's hilarious :rofl:
  3. Noted, and I'd like to raise at the meet that Essex people should be treated with as much disdain as the other people we're protecting England from. They're running rampant :huff:
  4. Friday it is, can't wait :yep:
  5. Yo man when's the next EDL meet it's your turn to sort out dates and stuff,
  6. someone told me you are a member of the edl, is there any truth in this?
  7. When we meet up? You know nothing but optimism

    It's only tuition fees that are free
  8. Thanks You mean which unis? The opposite order that I gave them in, as it happens :lol:
  9. I did at one point, but don't remember anything about it.

    5 places (Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, st andrews, Strathclyde) I'll try to forget about it :lol:
  10. even if all of that were true, I said 'irl'

    yeah, I've applied now. won't get any offers for awhile though

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    Student/Sales Assistant: Hollister
    About me
    I captain the Wales Under-19s Lacrosse team and absolutely love it! :awesome:

    My online activity, apart from TSR, mainly revolves around playing chess and poker. Fancy getting beaten? Just let me know :smug:

    St John Ambulance is an amazing organisation that I've volunteered with for a few years. If you have the chance to work with them, I'd grab the opportunity with both hands! :yep:
    Academic Info
    GCSEs: 10A*, 2A, C
    A Levels: English, Maths, French and Physics
    Post yourself playing something!
    Occam's Chainsaw's stream
    -I re-recorded everything recently so they all sound sharp.

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