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  1. Ahh fair enough

    Would certainly like to go back to Jerusalem and I'd like to go to Eilat as well :P
  2. Oh what did you change to or did you just leave? and I love the country can't wait to be back haha I didn't get to see Tel Aviv but then the mother was saying how unsafe it was e.t.c. :P
  3. haha I just love the religion :P and I stayed in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives. It was great we could go on the roof of the hotel on a night and watch the sun set and you could just see for miles.
  4. No I'm not well not yet anyway hope to be in the future!
    Fingers crossed I love Manchester it's such an amazing city and the Uni is fantastic, I do love Israeli culture been over there once and it was fab.
  5. Ah, fair enough. Welcome to TSR
  6. because my mum works in Argos and my dad injects heroin into his balls in the living room whilst we're watching TV.
    ROFL :rofl:

    Out of interest, are you Jewish? :holmes:
  7. IF I get the grades I'll be doing Hebrew and Israeli studies
  8. Hey,
    What are you studying at Manchester?

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    North. But seriously, vaginas.
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    My name is Toby. That's the most personal thing you'll get out of me, unless you're hot and you want a picture of my willy. I'm joking, of course, unless you're not, in which case I'm not and I have a picture of my willy ready to go.

    Actually OK here's some more personal things: I live in Manchester and have done for most of my life. I didn't know that Toby was such a posh name until I started university, and I don't know why I have a posh name (if it is indeed posh) because my mum works in Argos and my dad injects heroin into his balls in the living room whilst we're watching TV.

    That's it. But I will tell you more personal things if you ask me. As long as it's nothing too weird, like 'have you ever gone through a gay stage?'

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