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  1. Haha, thanks! Exam tomorrow and I'm not too nervous but I feel as if I should be. It's on something that I'm not too familiar with. :confused:

    Hopefully, you'll have a great time doing Law at Edinburgh! Do you need grades or are you sitting on an unconditional?
  2. No problem at all! I've seen you in the Scot Quals section and you seem very nice too.

    I'm actually in 2nd year now at Edinburgh and I have my last exam of the year on Monday :angelwings: I've helped a lot of people out these past few years on Scot Quals and so I feel very protective :lol:

    To be honest, reputation and anything else you imagined before coming to uni all change when you begin uni - you'll forgot everything happening outside. You can imagine each uni to be like a house and then once you're inside, it's a different game altogether.

    Are you starting this year? What degree?
  3. Hey Regarding the Glasgow vs Edin uni debate, ignore that guy - he's an utter tool and I've argued with him before. I was going to say something but I thought I'd stay out of it - it's exam season and I have better things than get angry due to an utter moron breaaaatheeee

    Anyways, I agree with what you said to be honest. I don't care for prestige or whatever myself, but if you go anywhere in the world or to a top company or whatever, Edinburgh is sure to catch people's attention.
    It's annoying how some posters seem to ruin the thread - from an innocent question on which uni to choose, we get someone attending Glasgow uni tear everyone else apart. :lol:

    Ignore him
  4. Screwed up? How so? :confused:
  5. Hey! I just wanted to ask what you were studying?
  6. Oh, just saw that you added me to the group. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm Emma and I'm on the Oncology course. I've sent a request to be in the group. I think it was a great idea to make one btw.

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    Where I study
    Professional Slacker
    I don't care about gender, its the person I care about.
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    About me
    I'm Laura and I would love to study Law.
    My interests include Philosophy, movies, politics, drawing, writing, reading, and spending time with friends.

    I really like electronic music with the likes of Madeon, Daft Punk, Benny Benassi, and others. However my favorite band is Muse, and I love them dearly o.o

    I love video games a lot, I play World of Warcraft, Eve Online, Skyrim, Minecraft... aswell as some other random games.

    I love movies so much! Lord of the rings, 300, The Avengers, Tron Legacy, Star Wars, Prometheus, any superhero movies, science fiction or fantasy movies.
    Academic Info
    Standard Grades-
    English - 1
    Maths - 1
    French - 1

    Intermediate 2's-
    Art & Design - A
    Modern Studies - A
    Chemistry - A
    Physics - A
    Biology - A

    English - A
    Maths - B
    Modern Studies - A
    Biology - A
    Religious, Moral and Philosophical Education - A
    Movies, Politics, Philosophy, Music, Animals, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Gaming, and spending time with friends.

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