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  1. Thankyou...
  2. Why you keep quoting me?
  3. Haha! I'm a sub so I see who reps me
  4. Thanks for the rep
  5. Hey! Sorry for the really late reply! Which place did you accept in the end? Revision for the skills test has been non-existent for me . I've been struggling to find time on top of my university work, volunteering stuff and two school work experience placements! I really need to make some time though because I told the SCITT place I accepted that I am going to do it this month . How is everything going with you?
  6. Congratulations on the offers! Have you accepted any yet? I was unsuccessful from my second interview (found out on the same day as the other unsuccessful, fun times for me haha)! In all fairness I was going to withdraw from there anyway but went to the interview for experience! Same with the skills test, going to book it for next month so I have a chance to revise properly!
  7. What?
  8. There's no such thing as TSR newsletter :erm: Is that a way of flirting from you? :hmmm:
  9. What that supposed to mean?
  10. Yay, congratulations!!! I was unsuccessful from one of the interviews I had last week (no feedback yet but I think it's because the language test I did went terribly!). And I am still waiting to to hear back from the other interview. But we have offers, which is amazing!! Do you have a first choice?

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