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Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff

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    I'd appreciate some input on an email I recieved in response to a question from Cardiff.

    In the email, I basically asked Cardiff University what the liklihood of me being given an offer for their BEng course was if I was to miss my MEng offer (AAB). Now I actually applied to Cardiff thinking their offer would be ABB, but it seems to have gone up this year. Anyway, as I had Loughborough as my insurance, I thought why not put Cardiff as my firm and see how it goes, despite knowing I will not obtain these grades.

    In response to my email, they said they were unable to change my offer to that of the BEng but - "However, please let me assure you that should you miss our offer then you would automatically be considered for the BEng mech eng (H300), although we will initally only consider candidates who have met or exceeded this offer (BBB, inc Maths, exc General studies)".

    I would appreciate input on other peoples interpretations of this. Does this mean I am pretty much guranteed the alternative offer if I miss my AAB offer for MEng, but obtain ABB? Or do you think the consideration is dependant on spaces (I'm especially concerned about this year, because of the higher number of applications)?

    Now before, I wasn't too bothered if I missed my offer (I'd just go to my insurance) - but now after completing the accomodation applications and so on, I really would like to go there.

    Thanks for any input!
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    Bump - would really appreciate any input. Thanks!
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    I would say you're pretty much guaranteed a place on the BEng if you get BBB.

    When I went there they seemed to say they would literally say that if it weren't for admissions policy or something.


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Updated: April 29, 2010
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