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Should convicted criminals be allowed to join the Armed Forces?

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  • View Poll Results: Should criminals be allowed in/be allowed to stay in the Armed Forces?
    Yes, give them a chance
    No, they don't deserve the honour

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    This is something I feel quite strongly upon, and I believe that people that have served their time should also be able to serve their country if they so wish.

    I know a couple of people who were in my year, who have been dealt a rough hand by the Army in particular. One could not join because of a minor drugs offence and the other was kicked out because he brawled with another soldier.

    In my opinion they both should have been able to join/carry on in the Army (with a little Army justice for the brawler maybe), so what do the good and honest people of TSR think on this matter?
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    Well if not, most of the Parachute Regiment would be out :P Drugs offences are a bit more serious though.
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    Once they've paid the penalty for the crime, sure.

    Anyway, I thought they can? Rehabilitation of offenders, and all that.


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