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Heels VS Snow

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    Do you dare to wear heels in the snow?

    I've seen so many people wearing them tonight, I don't know if I think they are a bit mental or if they're brave
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    definitely mental xx
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    Nooo, I won't even wear my boots that don't have a grip! I've been in Uggs for the past week, much as it pains me to say it!
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    I currently have this dilemma. I'm going out tomorrow night and obviously want to wear my Va-va-voom high heels as I'm wearing quite a short black velvet dress which would look awful with flats. However, I have a lot of back problems (which probably aren't helped by wearing heels anyway...) and am terrified of falling over. Argh!
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    Flats to the club, heels in bag. Check flats into cloakroom, wear heels in club.
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    After the heels have lost to the snow, Round Two will be there to settle Nose vs. Snow.
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    A friend was a bridesmaid recently and had to wear heels. Needless to say, she couldn't walk anywhere for fear of falling, her feet were wet and frozen and the shoes were absolutely ruined by the end of the day. Personally, I've lived in my walking boots for the last 3 weeks.
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    NO to heels in this weather! I saw a girl in town, wearing ridiculously high heels and she was clutching onto her boyfriends arm for dear life to stop herself falling over and dying. Twit.
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    (Original post by Drunk Punx)
    After the heels have lost to the snow, Round Two will be there to settle Nose vs. Snow.

    If I was going clubbing then heels in bag until I get there. But I have been wearing boots with wedges most of the time...they have a better grip than most of my shoes and are more comfortable than wellies!
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    I managed in heels in icy conditions last Friday - not a substantial amount of snow but it was a bit slippery. Managed ok xx
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    None of my shoes have grip so I'd fall over no matter what, probably more likely to hurt yourself in heels though. I'd go for flats to get there, heels when there.
    I've been wearing wellies to work then popping on whatever shoes to actually work, the plan is heels on Christmas day
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    I have a pair of ankle boots that are heels and i swear they actually anchor you into the ground. Like i dig the heel in before the sole...then i dont find it slippy.
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    I wore shoe boots last night, sooo hard to walk over the ice in them. But worth it.
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    I've done it every time I've gone out since it started snowing this winter. Gotta be done
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    i see so many girls wearing heels to town forget the club i think there crazy! the west midlands got hit with the snow pretty bad its was about 6inches high last saturday all the buses stopped running at about 3pm leaving alot of people stranded in town and having to walk or cacth a very over priced taxi home this situation has got better but theres still quite alot of snow and yet i still see girls trappsing through town in heels! there choice i guess but personally i value my life alot more than what i look like in a time like this lol


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Updated: December 23, 2010
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