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ASDA bank holidays and pay...

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    I've been there for a year and still have no idea how the hell the top up fees holidays work.

    Also how many bank holidays do you need to work and if you are contracted do you HAVE to work them? Ie especially last fri for the Royal Wedding...

    I hate working there but need the money!
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    You only need to work two. Plus they can't make you work them if you have worked the two.
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    (Original post by twinkle.twinkle)
    You only need to work two. Plus they can't make you work them if you have worked the two.
    Does overtime count?
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    Should do. Can't see why it can't. I'm not contracted to a Monday, but if they put me in for the next bank holiday and I didn't want to do it I would just tell them I was unable to do it.
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    I got told the "rules had changed" regarding the holidays last week. Basically the managers lied. Told us we HAD to work, yet they and their favourites were absent...
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    I'm having similar problems with them about working Easter Monday. I started last November and worked boxing day for them. They had only just done the rota today for easter and I told my section leader that I'm going away and won't be back till Monday and he said you have to be available to work all bank holidays! Even though I'm not contracted to work Mondays. He didn't seem bothered that I had booked to go away as if I should cancel my plans. Any advice would be helpful thanks


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Updated: April 2, 2015
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