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Meal Package at Castle leazes

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    So, basically i will be staying at Castle Court and I'm thinking of taking advantage of meal packages at Castle Leazes. Does anyone know about the quality of the food, is it good? As well how far away is Castle Leazes from Castle Court?

    Thank you
    Any input will be much appreciated

    Castle Court is part of Castle Leazes. So very close. :p:

    I'm thinking about going for it. I'm a terrible cook so that might help with things but I'm also thinking if I delay it till 2nd year I'll never learn. :holmes:

    Am I right in thinking that you buy in for the whole year? How does it work now?

    I was at Leazes for my first year of Uni (to put it in perspective, I've graduated) and the food was an OK standard. I never went hungry... but I did start losing weight towards the end of the year because I just got sick of the same food over and over. It's very repetitive, but when there are good things its tasty. I can remember loving the veggie kievs, cheese topped jacket potatos and blueberry cheesecake.
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    Thanks for replies. I think I might actually take advantage of it.

    The breakfast is vile... though I don't have much experience with it... it would probably be better to just learn to cook.

    Personally I've eaten tons of cafeteria food at my home university. Maybe cafeteria food at Newcastle is worse, but I suspect all cafeteria food is similar quality, and I never really have a problem with it. It's not so much a like or dislike thing. It's more about if the cafeteria food works in my life, and it does so I don't think too much about it. Of all the things I'm worried about in staying at Castle Leazes/Newcastle Uni, the cafeteria food is not one of them.

    I heard its rubbish and a waste of money. The majority of people don't make it out of bed for breakfast, and the meals rotate on a 2 week basis. So you might get bored. Apparently there's loads of carbs and its like going to pick up your school dinner. Also, remember you wont get food on weekends, and you loose some of your freedom in choosing to eat when you want.

    You might as well just have a go at cooking yourself, or get a nice flatmate to cook you some meals and chip in for it. Its easier to cook for 2 than 1 after all. I just cooked big batches of stuff then froze it.


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