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Nervous around girls, how do i sort this out?

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    I am really nervous around girls. When a girl looks at me i look away. I am pretty unconfident about my looks and it brings me down alot. I really like this girl and i would kill for her to like me too but i just get too ****ing nervous to show i like her. Please give me some advice?
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    Have the courage to strike conversation with them. Try to make friends, instead of going up to the girl you like and thinking 'woah, she's a girl' think more laid back as if she was just a mate of the same sex as yours. You need to get out of the mindset that girls are an unapproachable race, they are people. Chill, pluck up the courage to say hi and start up conversations.

    Let em know you exist! Good luck mate
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    Improve your appearance. A gay best friend would help for this. Work out, make your clothes stylish, style your hair, clean your nails, get smexy shoes.

    Approach less attractive women and gain some confidence.

    Approach the more attractive woman with your newfound confidence.

    Edit. Oh, become the platonic friend of a pretty girl and hear her gossip. Once you hear about their sordid lives they become less scary.
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    Become Gay?
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    You just need to remember that girls are not some kind of alien species! We are only human


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