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housemate issue, not sure what to do

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    I'm a guy in my 2nd year, living with 3 girls. There are rarely any problems, we get on really well, we are all friends from last year.

    I'm just gonna get straight to the point, its an issue with noise. I feel like I cannot go to bed if they are still up, because they will be too loud and I won't be able to sleep. Last night I was feeling ill and tired, and went to be at half 11, and at about 12 started trying to sleep. They were laughing and giggling in the front room, with the telly on loudly, watching music channels. My bedroom is right next door, and the walls are really thin. After about half an hour I texted them all asking them to turn the TV down. I got no response, and the TV did NOT get turned down. Even if they all go out for the night and I stay in I still feel there's no point going to bed because they just get in late and wake me up.

    Thing is, I always try to be as conscientious as possible about noise. If they ever ask me to turn anything down, telly, music, guitar amp then I will. Every time.

    At way gone 2 they were still up listening to music, and if anything it had gotten louder. I couldn't sleep through it at all. This morning the telly was on volume 28, which is pretty loud, you can kind of hear it upstairs. In my room I could hear what songs they were playing, which is just unfair.

    Then everytime they go to bed they always get really hyper and sit upstairs laughing, shouting, giggling and running around. Our house is really loud, I can hear everything going on upstairs, and I just couldn't sleep through it.

    I feel like I can't go to bed until they do, and then leave it another half hour, which just seems unfair. They don't care if I'm ill, they never try to be quiet or are at all sympathetic.

    I don't know what to do, because it has happened a lot of times that I haven't been able to sleep, I don't know how to approach it. I don't want to piss them off, because I have to live with them the rest of the year, and I'm possibly living with them next year. Because I texted them and they ignored it, I don't know what to say to them, or how to say it.

    Another issue is there is a gap between my door and my frame that lets light in, and I CONSTANTLY ask them to leave the light off and they never do, so I don't know how to approach the noise issue. It would just be nice to be able to go to bed when I wanted and not have to worry about not being able to sleep.

    Next time they do it, go in smash the tv up and that will show them who's boss!
    In all serious, it seems they are ignorant b****** with no respect for other people, you've already asked them and told them before I don't know what more you can do! Maybe hold a 'group meeting' then they have to listen!

    I had housemates like this last year, but then again i also lived next to a bar so that didnt help either! Best thing to do is tell them that it is really pissing you off, obv if they are actually freinds they should listen. I am sure there will still be times where people have had a drink and you get woken up, but thats pretty norm for a student house. You have to take the good with the bad!
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    (Original post by chunkychel)
    Next time they do it, go in smash the tv up and that will show them who's boss!
    In all serious, it seems they are ignorant b****** with no respect for other people, you've already asked them and told them before I don't know what more you can do! Maybe hold a 'group meeting' then they have to listen!
    A group meeting is not really something I want to do, but I don't have any better ideas, just casually mentioning it to them seems to do **** all.

    Just have a face to face talk with the one that you feel closest to. Just slip it into conversation as naturally as possible so it doesn't feel like you are having a go.

    As for the whole coming in from a night out and being loud, I think its virtually impossible for a group of drunk people to be quiet. I remember when I was living in halls it would really piss me off when I was trying to sleep and I could hear other people coming home from a night out and being really loud. Yet I know for a fact that I was exactly the same when I was drunk.

    Next time they do it when ur trying to sleep go off at them. sounds like they're pretty selfish. they should respect your comfort and be just as conscientious about their noise level as you are. threaten them with moving out. if they don't change anything.. move out? they don't sound like very good friends if they don't give a **** even when ur sick.



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Updated: November 13, 2011
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