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Adult food vs kitten food

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    So, I feed my cat Felix kitten food pouches twice a day and have Hills Science Plan dried stuff available for her all day to graze on. I also give her kitten milk twice per day. She's 5 months old.

    OH came home the other day with Felix adult cat food by mistake. It's the "as good as it looks" range, which has a higher protein content than the cheaper stuff (it's 13% protein and 80% moisture so quite high protein for a wet food). I've been feeding this to the cat, as I don't want to waste it. Is it a problem that I'm feeding my kitten adult food? Once the 2 boxes are used up (2-3 weeks) I'll go back to kitten food.

    PS I'm not interested in turning this in to a dried food vs wet food argument. My question is, will feeding a 5 month old kitten adult food for 2-3 weeks do her any "harm"?

    The only problem is that adult cat food hasn't got the nutrients that kittens need, Kittens need foods with substantial levels of protein, taurine, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and iron for a healthy diet, as well as fatty acid arachidonic acid and vitamin A.

    I think the best thing to do would be to call up your vet and ask, if needs be, they can supply you with the nutrient supplements needed to keep your kitten eating healthily.
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    Ok. I expect cat food has a long use by on it so I'll just buy some more kitten food asap and keep the adult food til she's a bit older! Thanks!

    There's really no difference (except price!)

    In the wild a kitten would feed from their mother, before being weaned and eating the same food as the adult cats do.

    If you are still a bit concerned about the adult food, (sorry for the grossness) keep an eye on the consistency and frequency of her toilet habits

    You don't need to feed it milk either.

    Your kitten might be fine, but when my (very naughty) kitten ate the older cats' adult food he ended up having diarrhea, so you might be best waiting until they're a bit older and buying some more kitte food.

    I'd only be concerned if you start to have output problems, as switching food suddenly rather than gradually can cause upset tummies. (I've been trying to switch mine from kitten to adult and they don't seem to deal well with any of the 'good' dry food so for now we're back to RC kitten food and gonna try the RC sensitivity one in a bit.)
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    Toileting as normal, forgot to buy any more kitten stuff so she's still on the adult stuff.....I realised she's still having kitten dry food whenever she wants so hopefully that's got the nutrients she needs in it.

    I know I don't need to give her milk.....but she likes it! Also I think it reduces how much meat she needs so it doesn't really cost anything extra.


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Updated: November 29, 2011
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