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What's the night life like in Stirling?

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    Hi, I am applying to Stirling this year, and I would love to go to uni there!!! I'm going to an open day in september and I am so excited!!! However, one thing that does concern me is the night life at Stirling, as it isn't a very big city. As far as I'm aware there are only three night clubs, but that they have student nights etc. I've also heard that there are lots of flat parties there etc. I was just wondering if anyone who actually goes to this uni can tell me, is the night life good there?

    Thanks for any help!!
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    I like it.
    But it's who you're with, rather than where you go that makes the night. So, make some good friends and you'll be sorted.
    I feel that its safer than where im from back home in Ireland too.
    Pubgolf's a pretty popular past time here. And Subcrawls in Glasgow are always fun.

    The Union is **** though. The drinks not even cheap in it.
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    I finished my degree there last year!

    It ain't bad, though at the end I was a bit fed up.
    But then again you will get fed up of everything eventually.

    Remember, you have Glasgow close by (best music scene in the world).

    Two hints of advice:

    Spend money going to concerts as opposed to Dusk and FUBAR.

    Enjoy life in general!


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