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Coventry Uni Applicant Days

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    Hi ,
    Just wondering if anyone else is going to the Applicant day at Coventry Uni on
    21st January? And what sort of things should I expect to do/see?
    I've applied to study dietetics by the way
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    Most probably you'll get in and there will be a group of potential applicants and you'll be given a guided tour of the student union and lecture rooms by a senior student. Have you visited Coventry before?
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    Ah cool, thanks. Yeh, I went on the open day in September and looked around the university and the city then
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    (Original post by Smiles:D)
    Hi ,
    Just wondering if anyone else is going to the Applicant day at Coventry Uni on
    21st January? And what sort of things should I expect to do/see?
    I've applied to study dietetics by the way
    Yeah, I am. I've applied for Music Technology, and apparently I have to "give a brief presentation to the person interviewing you [me] on 'What I could contribute to the Music Technology/Music Production for Online Industries course at Coventry University'". Not really sure what to say for this tbh.
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    Ooh your course sounds interesting. I wasn't told anything about a presentation o_O. I was only told about a tour and meeting staff. And I have no idea what to say for that haha. Good luck with it!
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    I'm a Coventry MSc student so mine was a long time ago! I remember having a subject specific chat with one of the lecturers (a bundle of us in a room asking questions) and having another look around, specifically at accommodation. I think that was the day I booked my room as well (which meant I got to choose exactly which room I got ).

    I'd also recommend going to explore town, maybe get your parents to buy you a meal at Browns or somewhere :p:
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    I am attending on the 21st for an interview for Disaster Management and Emergency Planning. All that it says for me is an interview, do you recommend I take anything with me?

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    Hello everyone,

    Joe here from the Recruitment & Admissions Office at Coventry.

    If you are required to undertake an interview, audition or portfolio review in order to be considered for your course then you simply need to follow the instructions contained in the hyperlinks on the confirmation e-mail you'll have received when you confirmed your booking.

    If you're coming to an applicant open day (but not for an interview, audition or portfolio review) then it is simply a case of turning up, having a good look around, meeting potential fellow students and members of staff, including lecturers, etc, in your department/faculty.

    You'll also have the opportunity to have a look around the campus, facilities and accommodation options. Also new for this year, our student ambassadors will be running tours of part of the city centre that is immediately accessible from the campus.

    I hope this clears up the confusion that some of you may be experiencing. If you have any follow up questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you wish to, you can contact us directly on [email protected] or by telephone on 024 7615 2222.

    All the best,
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Updated: January 9, 2012
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