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    Hi! I am Valentina and I am italian. I received an offer letter to come to study at Soas next year and I would like to ask you something about the master in ethnomusicology. I hope there are students in ethnomusicology who can help me with my questions.
    I visited the university in October 2011, but I would like to hear from the students about studying at Soas.
    I know there are only four courses to choose for the master, but is it possible to attend other courses without taking the exams or lessons are not open to all students? Sorry for my english, I am improving it during this gap year
    Are there courses where you can play or are they optional? And, in this case, do you pay to attend them?
    My biggest problem are fees...do you know what fees will be for the next year for the master in ethnomusicology? They are not yet available on the soas internet site.
    Finally, tell me everything you think, if you want, about soas, about the master in ethnomusicology and about the research in this subject in London and why should I come to study at soas and why not Thanks a lot!!!!


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Updated: January 19, 2012
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