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    Accepted UWE as my firm to study Forensic Computing
    Anyone else looking to do that course there? Wanting to get to know of more people maybe ?
    Also, I play the clarinet - looking to join a band at some point there - anyone know if that's possible or if they'd want to as well?
    Let's just chat about UWE - why not ;D
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    Been there today as my son has a conditional offer for internet security.. Just to let you know the course is changing... It is going to be combined. so the resultant degree will be Forensic Computing and Internet Security...

    My son is thinking about the course and travelling on the train as the student accommodation is expensive in the village. Met a couple of the lecturers today and they are "old school" and really nice....

    UWE said they will be contacting all students who have applied /accepted places to tell them of the change, so be prepared...
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    Oh no
    That's a bit of a shame for me, I think. Although I have not researched the Internet Security course fully, I just don't think that is something that would interest me :confused:

    Was this change for the 2012 applicants or 2013?
    I'm wondering if this may change my firm choice... sadly I've already accepted!

    Thank you for the information, hopefully they will contact me soon telling me what is happening

    Yes I am looking at the student village too which is very pricey but I'm from York so commuting wouldn't really be an option.

    I met the lecturers also, they seem really nice!
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    its due to change this September.. The lecturers said that the courses are really very similar and lectures were shared anyway, so thats why they combined them... Obviously one side is prevention and the other is detection, so they really do go hand in hand... Think my son will probably choose UWE and so will one of his friends and train in every day...
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    Ah I see, I suppose they do sound as if they would go well together.
    Did they say how large that would make the group roughly?
    That could be the best option for him then. It would prob ably work out cheaper, too.


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Updated: February 7, 2012
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