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Best places to study Philosophy?!

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    I'm looking for an all-rounder really.

    • Good, well respected uni with a reputation.
    • Likely to meet lots of nice and fun people to go out with/live with in 2nd and 3rd years and get generally close to
    • In a city (thinking of the nightlife here not going to lie….)

    Any contributions welcome!

    I am doing lots of research on websites and things, I just wanted to hear from real life people's experiences really

    Where you consider to be good is completely dependent on your own personal preference, but I will most likely be firming King's College London which meets your list of criteria quite well. It's a well respected university and its philosophy department is generally regarded to be one of the best in the UK (around 5th or 6th if I'm not mistaken). And of course you don't get much better night life than London!

    UCL, KCL, Bristol, LSE. All well-respected and all in cities full of good clubs and bare pills


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Updated: February 7, 2012
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