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AS and A-Level creative and performance arts and media resources thread

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    This thread is intended to be used for anyone to make requests for any resources for AS and A-Level creative and performance arts and media subjects - including past exam papers, mark schemes, etc. Please keep any requests here; any requests posted elsewhere will be merged into this thread. Please note that in replying to any requests, materials should not be posted as attachments to posts, but instead as links to external hosts.

    For requests for resources for other levels and qualifications, please use the following threads:

    If you have any suggestions for content to be added into this opening post, please let us know!

    This has never been responded to, so I'm assuming this thread is pretty much dead, but here goes...

    Does anyone have any material for the Edexcel Drama and Theatre Studies A2 exam? I have the sample past paper, and the June 2010 paper. If anyone has any other mock questions or revision material, I'd be much obliged.

    In particular, I'm interested to see if anyone has the June 2009 paper, which is the only other one that has happened that hasn't surfaced on the internet.

    Many thanks.

    June 2009 didn't have an A2 exam since it was the first year - so only AS would need one!

    My teacher used the old Spec papers to compile a list of questions for us that could come up - if you want I could scan that..!

    Alternatively someone has posted some on this page - http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show...rama%20edexcel

    Does anybody have a copy of the A2 Music Edexcel June 2010 paper? Or does anyone at least know the essay qustions that came up last year?

    well i am currently studying in A level media group and i also want to a copy of A2 music paper as the above user have mention i want to prapare myself for the incoming papers so its important for me plz share if you have
    B.A result 2011

    Apologies if this has already been posted, but I'm a little desperate.
    Sent off for my textiles paper wanting to query a disappointing grade and now I'm unable to find a mark scheme for the paper.
    It's AQA Design and Technology: Product Design (Textiles) Unit 1, sat on Wednesday 18th May 2011
    Thank you =)

    desperately need aqa phed 3 june 2011 or even information on the content pleaseeeee

    Does anyone know if there is any exemplar material for OCR performing arts A2 level?

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can practice the aural part of A2 edexcel Music.. besides listening to music?


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Updated: March 24, 2016
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