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A Level choices?

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    So umm yeah I'm nearing the end of Year 11 and need to think about my A Levels blah blah blah
    Currently studying compulsory subjects and History, French, R.S and Art
    My favourite subjects are English, History and Art
    I'd like to go into media/journalism when I'm older

    So far I'm considering English Literature, English Language, History and Art
    What do you think of this combination?
    Or... I don't know whether to change Art for Media? I'm definitely doing English lit, if that helps...

    What are your experiences with these subjects, if you have any, and what would you recommend? Thanks
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    Well, it's not really advisable to do both Literature and Language so, if you're set on Literature, I'd find something else other than language. You'd also be doing yourself no favours by choosing Media, it's not a very highly rated subject.

    Literature and History are good choices and it's always nice to have some variation with Art so they seem fine.
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    Both Englishes aren't necessary and art is seen as a soft subject so it'd be hard to get into a top uni with that as an a-level.

    For you A2s, do literature or combined english plus two or three from; history/a foreign language/philosophy or RE/geography/computing (ICT is seen as soft)

    and if you only want to do two from those other options then one of these as a 4th AS will be fine; psychology/ media/ ICT (if you're not doing computing)
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    Definitely do English lit and History.
    Language wont really help you with much to be honest, I do it and I don't really like it.
    Apart from that, I suppose media would help if you want to go into journalism but it is often seen as a soft subject for Universities.
    It depends if you want to do more academic, essay based subjects or not.
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    WOO! I'm doing three of those, English Lang, English Lit and History! I'm not going to be very helpful on this thread unfortunately because of my extreme bias, but I LOVE THEM! I don't care if English Lang isn't as 'respected' and blah blah blah, it's absolutely amazing. As are the other three

    On a less biased note (well, kind of) they work really well together because they're so similar. English and English particularly play off each other. You have good taste in subjects, my friend! I say go for it. Ok, this probably hasn't helped much... but the work doesn't even feel like work, it's that much fun.

    Right, I'll shut up now... I'm just embarrassing myself

    But seriously, do these subjects if you really want to do them. At first I was worried about taking two English, what with them sounding fairly similar, but they're actually quite different and I love it, so don't let that stop you. If you're anything like me, you won't regret it.
    Good luck in your GCSEs


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