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Aripiprazole - Anyone take(n) it?

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    I'm starting this med, and kind of nervous about it. If you've taken it can you please give me your experiences with this med? Also I read that it is for Bipolar/Schizophrenia would this mean I have been diagnosed with one of these? It is definitely for mental health but I haven't been given a diagnosis?
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    I've taken it, it was really stimulating for an antipsychotic and I had a lot of trouble falling asleep when I took it.

    It is for bipolar and schizophrenia but I have neither and also took it so you don't necessarily have either.
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    I'm on aripiprazole and it really suits me. No dodgy side effects, got rid of 90% of the voices I hear and has generally led to me becoming far more stable
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    Took is as an augmenting agent to my antidepressant, worked okay but gave me insomnia.


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Updated: February 22, 2012
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