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What do you use Twitter for?

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    I was just wondering what people actually use Twitter for? I know Twitter is a great social networking program but I've noticed that some people use it for different things like keeping up to date activities, messaging friends or even using it as you're own online office!

    So my question is what do you personally use Twitter for?

    I don't really use it for much...Mainly blog stuff and checking out what's trending and trying to add my own what-I-think-is-witty contribution.

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    I got it this week and all my friends use it to update about their lives which 90% of doesn't involve me so I'm not to interested and unfollowed them. I like the trending feature when I watch shows like Question Time as I can see what over people think.

    I like watching the trends.

    Saying everything I can't say on Facebook because I have my family added, haha.

    Also a little bit of celeb stalking from time to time.
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    I do follow controversial organisations like Anonymous Operations and find it interesting to hear their views on stuff like SOPA etc.

    Just keeping up with announcements from companies or people of interest really.

    I use it as a news feed for tech blogs, Formula 1 insider info, and to keep up with a few online 'friends' I met through another website.

    I post my 'status updates' on Facebook through Twitter. I've got them linked. Twitter's also good for a lol if you find a fictional awesome character, like Professor Snape.

    The kinda things I tweet are pretty standard. Interesting things that happen to me, stuff that I think's funny, etc. I tweet odd, dramatic things when drunk though. Take, for example: 'Emily,rosanna must you crew at me every time you wan't wantalogy' as a previous drunken tweet.

    I like to use it mainly to keep in touch with friends. I plug my blog (in my sig) when I update it and I follow a few people who generally tweet interesting articles and other blogs.

    I also indulge in motivational tweets. I like to make my own or quote famous people when something relevant happens in my day

    These days I prefer Twitter over Facebook.


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