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    im currently in my first year of uni however i am planning on dropping out. ive had a really difficult year going through personal issues. i currently live away from home whilst i have partly loved being away from home and meeting new people, it really is my best option to go home things have been happening at home and i just need to be with my family.

    at the end of january i appplied to unis closer to home so that i can attend whilst living at home and am waiting for replys.

    however, im in a contract with my halls and still have to pay my final instalment there is no way i can pay this without my last instalment of loan plus i want it for my own selfish reasons. i have not informed the uni i am dropping out and do not plan to till after my last instalment goes through the same with student finance.

    im worried that this will mess up my chances of securing finance for the next three years of my new course!

    has anyone got any advise i'd really appreciate it!!!

    If your university confirms you've dropped out after you've received your finance installment but before the end of the academic year then SF will ask for any overpayment of loan and/or grant to be repaid immediately.

    It is in the T's and C's that if there is an overpayment SF can refuse any further funding until the overpayment is settled.

    They will usually work out a payment plan with students (paying X amount per month, rgardless of whether or not you're earning).


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Updated: February 27, 2012
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