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I cannot stop daydreaming

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    So, I constantly keep daydreaming and I am 20 years, male. I cant stop it and it is seriously affecting my personality making me weak day by day. Sometimes, I stop it, but after a couple of days, I tend to start again.

    My parents treat me like shiit, even though they love me quite a lot. This is affecting me badly and I start creating the world I want in my dreams.

    Advice is much appreciated. Thanks
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    I don't really have any advice, cause I'm in the same situation, haha.
    But maybe you could have a look at this thread? I don't know if it'll be helpful, but your post just reminded me of this thread...
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    Live in the present moment. What you are doing is called magical thinking. And while you are doing this life is passing you by. Set goals and work towards making those dreams come true. If you don't, one day you will look back and all you will have will be your dreams. Because you cannot think something into existence, you have to stop dreaming and set goals and work towards them.

    Although I'm hardly one to talk, I daydream all the time as well!

    I think it's called maladaptive daydreaming
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    Move towards independence if you feel stifled by your parents?

    Don't expect quick solutions, time heals all. But a solid plan is needed.
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    Dreaming is awesome! although is best only done at night. If your dreaming is affecting your real life then I think what you need is a focus.

    Like others have said, living in 'the present' is important to keep yourself grounded. Losing focus or getting carried away by lofty abstract thoughts can often be detrimental. I have found that physical sport helps 'bring me back to earth' and get grounded again, also going out and talking with friends helps.

    Try not to 'think' too much, I know this sounds odd but sometimes it's better to become more involved in the physical practical aspects of life, worrying won't really help.
    Although movies and Books are great, I would tend to avoid reading too much as this can sometimes lead to abstraction from reality especially with philosophy books.

    I really hope you manage get through this stage, I'm sure it will pass, we all go through similar phases it's just a case of summoning the strength to get through it. So in conclusion, do some sport, see your friends and talk to them about it, focus on the present and the practical, try not too get bogged down by the abstract.
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    If daydreaming is a sign of madness, we're all mad. I can't believe there would be a person in the world who NEVER spares a moment to just let their minds drift away....
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    It is called maladaptive daydreaming, which is a new discoverey and still largely unheard of in medicine, although there is much research being done at the moment.
    here is more information:


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