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    Hello everybody

    I'm an international student coming to the UK to do my MSc in International Hotel Management and I have no idea what an exam looks like in British unis...
    How many times can you resit an exam? When do you usually sit exams (January&June???)?
    These questions may sound stupid to you, but education system in my home country is so different from that in the UK than I'm a bit lost...
    Any information would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you and have a great day!
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    Exams are usually either multiple choice or short/long essay questions. You cannot resit exams or coursework untill you get your results, so if you fail it, you must come back in the summer (June-August) to re sit. However the maximum you can achieve on the re-sit is a pass (40%) no higher. We also have exams after each semester - so semester 1 exams in january and semester 2 exams in may/june
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    Reef answered most of the questions

    Exams in January and June, you can resit them once only. Exam structure varies massively between courses, for science based subjects it's very much question based, with few essays as they have little relevance, also multiple choice exams are rare, and only ever contribute a very small amount of the module, and often replace coursework. In other subjects there will be more essays, so you're likely to have fairly standard exams, expect essays and lots of them.
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    Thanks for your help guys!


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Updated: March 11, 2012
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