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Help with grade boundaries!!

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    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me with working out grade boundaries as I really can't figure it out!

    I just received my results for AS History, Unit 1H (Tsarist Russia) I got a score of 71 and a grade B, but when I went to the AQA website to find out about grade boundaries they mentioned UMS (?) and Scaling (?) So I couldn't work out how far away I was from an A.

    Can someone please shed a little light on this for me? Thank you
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    My first post, so bear with me... I hope I can be helpful ^_^

    UMS is the method by which various units of A levels are standardised and weighted against each other.

    AQA history unit 1 is out of 100 UMS; the exam paper is out of 72 marks.

    The UMS grade boundary for an A is always 80% (and for B 70%, and for C 60%, and so on). Your exam was out of 72 marks.

    Therefore for an A you needed:
    80 UMS = 51 marks

    You got:
    71 UMS = 45 marks.

    (you can see how UMS marks and raw marks are related using

    So to summarise rather a long post, you were six marks off an A


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